Sigma Dynamometer Hand-held

Sigma Hand-held

Housed in a robust industrial aluminium enclosure with IP65 protection, membrane keyboard and 4.3" TFT colour screen. The Hand-held allows remote working whilst still having live display information and control of the four test modes and gives information of high idle speed, maximum torque and torque rise.

Automatic Test

This allows the dynamometer to run a consistent test across a full power curve. It allows the operator to focus on the test and not the equipment. Full accuracy is assured and the whole test is completed in a few minutes, saving time, eliminating operator error and provides reliable, repeatable test results with a full summary displayed on the screen.

Constant Speed

Set a speed and the SIGMA control system adjusts the load until the required speed is reached, then it will be maintained even as auxiliary loads change. You can measure power at nominal PTO speed or at rated engine RPM.

Constant Power

Simulate working conditions by selecting any power value of your choice that the engine on test can achieve and the SIGMA control will endeavour to maintain this power irrespective of engine speed.

Direct Load

Direct load test is an open loop mode that allows the user to manually apply or remove load by pressing the ‘+’ or ‘-‘ keys on the hand-held. The braking force is set directly for warming up or bedding-in an engine prior to a full performance test.

For graphical displays, report making, excel export functions, warm-up capabilities and many other advanced features, why not consider the DynaTest Dynamometer PC software.

To download the latest Sigma Hand-held firmware go to our firmware downloads page or for more information contact us.