Froment Sigma 60 Dynamometers

Sigma 60 Dynamometers


Unique and innovative design features make the Sigma Dynamometer very simple, safe and easy to use. You have full control over the test with the Sigma Hand-held, with its continuous readout of power, speed, torque and torque backup or torque reserve.

You can complete a test in minutes. The simple but sophisticated design means there's no need to warm up the dynamometer or follow regular calibration procedures. Apart from the input shaft, the rotor of the burden alternator and the cooling fans, there are no moving parts in the whole Sigma Dynamometer. This means that reliability is high, and maintenance costs are minimal.

The Sigma Dynamometer can be supplied in a trailer format with lockable storage space for drive shafts and accessories, ready to run tests at any location with access to a 13amp or 16amp power supply.

Alternatively, it can be supplied as a static unit to set up a professional test cell in your workshop


• PTO (270-1250rpm): Maximum power = 680PS (500kW) at 1000rpm, Torque= 4150Nm at 800rpm
• Direct (480- 2200rpm): Maximum power= 680PS (500kW) at 1800rpm, Torque = 2340Nm at 1400rpm

For full technical data of the SIGMA 60 Dynamometer download our technical data sheet.

Control options

Choose from our robust intelligent hand-held terminal or the sophisicated Dynatest PC software.


Mobile Sigma 60 dynamometer GA drawing
Static Sigma 60 dynamometer GA drawing