Sigma Dynatest PC software

Sigma Dynamometer Dynatest PC Software

Sigma DynaTest for Windows™ replaces your dynamometer hand-held and converts a PC into the dynamometer controller allowing enhanced test modes, graphical displays, test reporting and database capabilities.

Enhanced display and test summary

DynaTest continuously displays the power, speed and torque readings from the dynamometer both on meters and on the graph. The graph shows the power and torque characteristics of the engine on test. Previous tests held within the database can be viewed graphically and compared against each other. The units and colours of the graphs can be easily customised.

A comprehensive summary of the test is always displayed on the screen and includes high idle, PTO speed, rated power, rated torque, max power, max torque and torque reserve. The data includes a unique test number, along with date and time.

Additional data can inputted by the operator including details of the tractor, customer and test conditions such as temperature and fuel consumption data.

Automatic test

The automatic test provides a consistent test across a full power curve. It allows the operator to focus on the test and not the equipment. Full accuracy is assured and the whole test is completed in a few minutes, saving time, eliminating operator error and provides reliable, repeatable test results with a full summary displayed on the screen. Enhanced operation includes engine warm up time of up to 30 mins before the auto test commences.

Constant Speed

Set a speed and DynaTest adjusts the load until the required speed is reached, then it will be maintained even as auxiliary loads change. You can measure power at nominal PTO speed or at rated engine RPM. Enhanced bed in by speed includes cyclic testing via 8 programmable and timed steps.

Constant Power

Simulate working conditions by selecting any power value that the engine on test can achieve and DynaTest will endeavour to maintain this power irrespective of engine speed. Enhanced bed in by power includes cyclic testing via 8 programmable and timed steps.

Direct Load

Manually apply and remove load by the % load function. The braking force is set directly for warming up or bedding-in an engine prior to a full performance test.

Reports and Expandable, Flexible Databases

Comprehensive test reports with dedicated company logos are possible and using a Windows .pdf writer print driver the report can be saved in .pdf for emailing to a customer or manufacturer.

It is easy to build and save customer and tractor libraries, minimising data entry and enhancing reports. Saving test results builds a test database enabling results comparison both graphically and as tabular data. This can be viewed on the screen or as a print out.

Data can be exported as a text file for extended analysis using Excel or as an .xml file for importation into another PC running DynaTest.

Help When You Need It and Computer Requirements

The user HELP feature guides the operator if required, and the display in any one of five major European languages. Readouts can be in metric or imperial units. The PC must be running a Windows™ Professional operating system.

For a full, indepth look at our dynamometer control options download our latest brochure or technical data sheets.