Froment Dynamometers

Froment Sigma Dynamometers test, prove and exercise agricultural tractors and self-propelled machinery with maximum efficiency and with the minimum waste of time and fuel. Testing is quick, accurate and simple to carry out, with a choice of automatic or manual test modes.

Why use:
• Obtain power and torque curves
• Pre-delivery inspection
• Warranty and technical issues - find faults quicker on load
• Diesel particulate filter burn off
• Validate consumption figures
• Cooling performance
• Test governor response
• Check cylinder faults
• Break in (de-glazing of bores)
• Product research and development
• Product sign off after manufacture


Best-in-class Sigma controls the dynamometer by the robust, remote Hand-held control which endures the harshest of environments and has an easy to use interface giving the operator confidence whilst testing. Alternatively Sigma DynaTest replaces the Hand-held and converts a PC into the dynamometer controller and provides enhanced test modes, graphical display, test reporting and database capabilities.