Features and Benefits

Froment dynamometers provide unique, best-in-class features and benefits to meet stringent test demands.

  • Air cooled

    Self-contained, air cooled with quiet and smooth operation with the capability to test up to 680PS (500kW).

  • 3 Speed Ranges

    Quick, accurate engine fault finding and diagnosics to ensure optimal engine performance.

  • Dynatest

    The Hand-held contains five test modes including AutoTest for reliable and repeatable testing. The DynaTest PC software provides further enhanced testing and reporting capabilites.

  • Long run times

    Wide speed range for PTO and direct engine testing. Long run times at high power capacities - vital for DPF burn off.

  • 40 years

    Over 40 years' experience and regarded as the industry standard by leading tractor manufacturers.

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